B.SOAPURE is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness. We use the highest quality certified organic essential oils and carrier oils whenever available, combined with ethically farmed and harvested and wild gathered ingredients. All ingredients are listed with product description 

WE DO NOT USE: Synthetic additives, artificial/synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, chemical preservatives, coloring, silicones, genetically modified ingredients, gluten, alcohol, phthalates or parabens.

FORMULAS: B.Soapure formulas are suitable for most skin types due to their gentle restorative, balancing and soothing properties. 


B.Soapure Scent Blends are delicious but never overpowering, the are present in their own right! They may vary slightly in scent and color from batch to batch, depending on the harvests of the essential oils and absolutes used. 

B.Soapure Skin Care formulas have gentle and delightful scents. They may vary slightly from batch to batch, depending on the harvests of the essential oils used in the products. 

CARRIER OILS: The carrier oils used in B.Soapure all have their unique properties and will aid to absorb, soften and rejuvenate. 

CHILDREN: Although most ingredients in B.Soapure are certified organic and food-grade, it is always advisable to keep products away from children. 

B.SOAPURE is PETA certified cruelty free, we do not test on animals and no animals derived ingredients are used except for pure beeswax.

PACKAGING: B.Soapure formulas are packaged in amber glass, the safest most protective packaging for essential oils. Please recycle.

SHELF LIFE: Shelf life is marked on each product, ranging from 8 months to 2 years provided it is stored away from direct sunlight. 

The skin is your largest organ, treat it well!  

GENERAL CAUTION FOR THE USE OF ESSENTIAL OILS: Some essential oils may cause skin irritation, always test on a small area before use. Use with caution if susceptible to epilepsy and if you are dealing with high blood pressure Pregnant or nursing women should always consult their healthcare professional before using essential oils although it is advised to abstain from using them.  Keep essential oils away from children.