• Rose Geranium Rose


    The Scent Blend: with its delightful floral freshness and a hint of citrus Rose Geranium Rose fuses Geranium with a superb Rose absolute, Mastic, Frankincense and Angelica, what a delight!

    The Pendant:  These crystal clear glass pendants, timeless and elegant, are actually little bottles. We have ‘the octagonal’ and 'the teardrop'. The pendant of your choice is filled with the Scent Blend of your choice (there are 4 to choose from) and comes with a sterling silver necklace (20") and a 2ml refill bottle (approx. 8-9 refills). It is a different, very subtle and intimate way of wearing scents.

    Ingredients: Essential oils of Geranium (PelargoniumGraveolens ), Angelica (Angelica Archangelic ), Mastic (Pistachio Lentiscus ), Frankincense (Boswelia Carteri ) and Absolute of Rose (Rosa Damascene )
       = certified organic     •  = wild gathered       = ethically farmed and harvested 
    What are Scent Blends: they are a fusion of absolutes and essential oils and absolutely nothing else! No alcohol, water or carrier oils. They are the undiluted essences of flowers, plants, trees and resins. Organic, ethically farmed and/or wild gathered, they are pure, the heart of the matter so to speak! They are specifically designed to use in the pendants, from were they evaporate ever so slowly, delicately present and never overpowering. Although not designed to be applied to the skin directly, if you choose to do so, properly dilute!
    GENERAL CAUTION FOR THE USE OF ESSENTIAL OILS:   It is not advised to wear Scent Blends undiluted on the skin because they are so powerful and some essential oils may cause skin irritation, always test on a small area before use. Use with caution if susceptible to epilepsy and if you are dealing with high blood pressure Pregnant or nursing women should always consult their healthcare professional before using essential oils although it is strongly advised to abstain from using them.  And it is always best to keep essential oils away from children.

    Instructions for refilling the pendant: The refill bottles allow for approximately 9 to 10 refills. Please be very, very careful when refilling the pendant. Make sure to secure the pendant as well as the refill bottle before you start. (You can place the refill bottle and the pendant in a little cup of salt or flower for example and it is easier for refilling to remove the screw top from the pendant before  It is really important to be careful, the bottles are small and easy to topple over. Believe me, I speak from experience!  Fill the pipette with a tiny little of the blend and very slowly fill the pendant with it and securely close the pendant again. Taking your time is key, It is not advised to fill the pendant with liquids containing alcohol or carrier oils as it may loosen the screw head. Enjoy!