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In 2003 I started a company called B.Soapure. I had been working with essential oils for over 30 years, which has been and remains a love affair but it wasn't until being diagnosed with breast cancer that I started searching for safe and affordable skin care and the desire to create my own products was born. 

My love for essential oils made researching and learning all about their beneficial properties a passion. These magic drops became the center of my skin care line. The focus became to create a safe skin care line, and I am proud to say that B.Soapure uses 93% certified organic ingredients, the remaining percentage is ethically harvested and/or wild gathered. Safe, effective and simply delightful, always with the belief in the skin's own ability to nurture and revitalize itself, B.Soapure became the silver lining of surviving breast cancer.

Besides using the essential oils in the skin care products for their healing properties, I have been fascinated with their amazing scents. Needless to say I love creating scents with them.  Using only natural materials, certified organic, wildcrafted and/or  ethically harvested. And here they are; I call them 'Scent Blends',  blends of essential oils and absolutes. 

These Scent Blends are not  diluted, not with alcohol, not with water or carrier oils. They are what they are, the pure essence of flowers, plants, roots and resins, they are the heart of the matter. I am exited to present them finally in crystal clear pendants which ever so gently and slowly release the scents. It is a different, very subtle and intimate way of wearing scent. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do creating them!